Rose Computing Systems

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Custom Database Design

Why choose Rose Computing Systems?

We provide custom database design services using the world's most popular database system 'Microsoft Access'. We've designed and built a wide range of custom access databases for production scheduling, mortgage re-quotations, waste management and utilities installations to name just a few. Our database development services are offered as both single and multi-user options. We've been building database systems in Microsoft Access since it was first released back in 1992.

Why choose a bespoke database system for your business?

There's no substitute for a custom database system designed and built to replicate the way your business works; allowing you to capture information in a manner and format that's most efficient for you. This provides you with the flexibility to enhance and adapt your system at any time, to suit the changing needs of your business. Many of our customers continuously upgrading their systems, for minor amendments and major additions, including the addition of new fields for data capture, new reports, or major modular components that expand the usefulness of their system.

What is our approach?

We perform all the systems analysis, design and development, then install, configure and support your new database system from the day of installation. Thereafter, we provide technical support and remain available for continuous development as needs dictate. All systems are supplied with comprehensive end user documentation and our guarantee of quality.

What is our guarantee of quality?

We guarantee our systems will meet your expectations and requirements; incorporate user-friendly interface designs that make sense to your employees; have menu systems that make it easy to navigate; include system administration options for backing-up, and compacting your database for maximum efficiency.